Suicidal Tendencies Mob Grip Tape Pool Skater /スイサイダルテンデンシーズ 【送料無料】

型番 102413624
定価 2,090円(税190円)
販売価格 2,090円(税190円)

Pool Skater
Suicidal Tendencies Mob Grip Tape

サイズ 9”x 33”

Graphic Mob, the newest and latest innovation from Mob Grip, skateboarding’s premium grip tape. Graphic Mob features a groundbreaking process that locks full color illustrations and crystal clear photographs into the grit, without sacrificing the durability, grip, and feel that makes Mob the #1 choice of professional skateboarders. Our advanced process produces extremely durable graphics, from small 'deck top' sizes to full sheet graphics, that are guaranteed to outlast your board.
Mob Grip features:
•- Hundreds of barely-visible perforations that allow air to escape for a bubble-free application
•- Exclusive silicon-carbide grit binding process for grip that will not wear out
•- High-strength, waterproof, tear-proof backing that trims cleanly every time
•- Super sticky adhesive that won't peel in extreme heat or cold

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